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Chapter VI of the Kiribati Constitution established the Judiciary of Kiribati with all its three courts, the Court of Appeal (as highest appellate court), High Court and Magistrates Court. 

The Judiciary's core constitutional function is to interpret the laws passed by the Mwaneaba ni Maungatabu through the decisions of its judicial officers in all its three courts.

The Judiciary team is led by the Hon. Chief Justice Tetiro Semilota Maate Moaniba , with its Superior Leadership Team (administering the Judiciary) consisting of the Chief Registrar/Senior Responsible Officer and the three Heads of the three divisions, Deputy Chief Registrar for the High Court Division, the Chief Magistrate for the Magistrates Court Division and the Executive Director for the Corporate Service Division.
The Kiribati Judiciary is guided by its Vision, Mission, Values and Outcome as shown below in addition to its Judiciary Strategic Plan 2021-2024:
An independent Judiciary worthy of public trust and confidence with judicial and court officers effective and efficient in dispensing, not only justice but also quality service and timely delivery of services
To administer the rule of law and to dispense not only justice, but also, quality services and timely delivery of services with dignity, integrity, accountability and transparency. To improve access to justice by effective, efficient and continuous improvement of judicial institutions.
Guiding the behaviour and the Judicial Strategic Plan are - 
  • Accountability
  • Resilience
  • Quality and Timeliness
  • Openness and Transparency
  • Continuous Learning and Improvement
  • Inclusiveness Despite Geographic Constraints 
To improve the capacity of the Judiciary (services, systems, human resources, infrastructure) and its courts to achieve the mission.

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