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Welcome Speech from the Chief Magistrate

Mauri ngkoe!

You are reading this because we have, again, successfully achieved another memorable milestone; a big thank you to the Executive Director and IT Manager for this wonderful and crucial achievement.  A job “Well Done”!

Sharing physical information (“information”) is often a task too difficult due to the very nature of our unique circumstances.  Conventionally, people have to travel distances in order to get a particular information, say for example a summons, which not only cost them their time but affect their daily budget as well.  Telephones cannot transmit information but fax and mobile phones do unfortunately at the cost of quality.  Some of these conventional means are obsolete.  We are in the digital age now and it is best that we keep abreast with new technologies and adjust our processes and procedures in line with such; the more reason with this COVID -19 pandemic.

Now you can have the information you are looking for not only at your sight but at your finger tip and more importantly at the press of a tiny insignificant button.  And it will always be available.

As this is the first time, more documents crucial to our system and work will be uploaded in time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for here, be sure to be back in a day or two and you would be surprise.  However, if you have exhausted your patience, do not worry, we have a dedicated page that you can put up your request on and you will be assisted promptly.  

Without further ado, please browse with ease and freedom.


Mr. Amoro Amten

Chief Magistrate / Head of Magistrate Division

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