Chief Registrar Remarks (ENG Version)


Kam na Mauri!

At the outset, I would like to acknowledge the Almighty God, for his guidance to our Judiciary team both past and present.
To our wonderful team for their teamwork and commitment leading to the successful creation and completion of the Kiribati Judiciary's first ever website satisfying our vision and mission for an accessible court's system. Our Information Technology team under the newest Division, the Corporate Service Division have worked tirelessly to ensure that justice is more accessible to our people. 
Speaking of access to justice, our new website will significantly assist the litigants, potential litigants, legal practitioners, stakeholders in Kiribati and abroad and I-Kiribati wishing to browse the site for leisure reading and research.
Information provided on the site include discussion on what the Judiciary is and its core constitutional responsibility and function, its divisions and workforce, court's documents and forms, relevant laws and Rules of Courts, decisions of the 3 courts, weekly hearing lists, complaint process, Annual Reports, news and media information, job opportunities for job seekers and a lot more. Instead of coming to the court's registry to collect a form, our people will now have the golden opportunity to download it for usage.
My special 'karabwarabwa' to our Hon. Chief Justice Hastings for his continuous distinguished leadership and counsel in moving the team onward and forward.
In a nutshell, it is worth noting by our customers, stakeholders and people of our beloved Kiribati that the Judiciary will continue to systematically explore and study ways to make justice accessible to the highest standard.
Te Mauri, Te Raoi ao Te Tabomoa iaora ni bane.
Mr Abuera Uruaaba
Chief Registrar & Senior Responsible Officer

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