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Mauri and welcome to the High Court & Court of Appeal Division
It is an honor to welcome you to the High Court & Court of Appeal Division Web page to explore and to abstract relevant information that you may keen to broaden your understanding and knowledge on how this Division works in serving both of its internal and external customers. The site also provides information that would able to assist you in many areas and most importantly, in times when you need the High Court or the Court of Appeal’s services and many more. But first, please find below the relevant overview of the division’s background and information that is significant to know before proceeding with your exploration.

A) High Court and Court of Appeal Division Structure;

High Court Structure 2022


B) Units exist within the High Court & Court of Appeal Division
There are 3 Units of the High Court & Court of Appeal Division which also have different roles to fulfil the Division’s action plans and goals, and these are as follows;

a) High Court & Court of Appeal Support Unit
b) Case Management Unit and,
c) Interpretation Unit.

1. High Court & Court of Appeal Support Unit (HCSU);
The HCSU consists of the Law Report Officer, Executive Secretaries, Land Appeal Magistrates and Chauffeurs and it is supervised by the Senior Registrar. Their roles are clarified as follows; the Law report officer, Executive Secretaries and Chauffeurs are responsible to provide support and assistance to internal and external customers in relation to the need of published judgments, providing schedule appointments, court sitting arrangements, security and other undertakings for Judges and reporting whereas the Land Appeal Magistrates are only accompanying the Judges in Land Appeal hearings to assist the judges in determining the most appropriate outcomes based on disputed facts and laws.

2. Case Management Unit (CMU);

CMU is supervised by the Senior Case Manager and its consists of High Court Case Manager, Judge’s clerks and High Court Registry Clerks. Their major role is to deal with case management for Judges and Commissioner. They are responsible to provide the followings such as case filing, court sitting schedule for Judges, providing updates of cases to parties and to superiors, sharing case lists, outer island circuits and judgments, case safe-keeping, reporting and etc.

3. Interpretation Unit (IU)

The IU consists of 3 Interpreters supervised by the most Senior Interpreter whom their major roles are interpreting/translating in court proceedings and providing translated versions of court minutes from English to Kiribati and vice versa, they are also taking part in court circuits accompanying Judges to the Outer Islands including the Line & Phoenix Group.

There are 29 in total the number of staff working in the High Court & Court of Appeal Division. There are 18 permanent staff, 2 contract staff and 9 Land Appeal Panelists. The names are as follows together with their title at work.

1. William Hastings (Chief Justice)
2. David Lambourne (Puisne Judge)
3. Abuera Uruaaba (Chief Registrar/Commissioner)
4. Teetua Tewera (Deputy Chief Justice/Head of Division)

High Court & Court of Appeal Support Unit;
1. Tarawa Taubo (Senior Registrar)
2. Gertrude Reiher (Chief Justice Executive Secretary)
3. Teereta Teoteai (Puisne Judge Executive Secretary)
4. Dimitry Murdoc (Commissioner Exective Secretary – Contract)
5. Bunaua Abaua (Chief Justice Police Officer)
6. Tiito Mwea (Law Report Officer – Contract)

7. Members of the Land Panel (refer to Land Appeal Panel section)

Case Management Unit;

1. Teanau Tebwanei (Senior Case Manager)
2. Henerich Brechtefeld (High Court Case Manager)
3. Otimerin Atanrika (Clerk to Chief Justice)
4. Teburenga Ietera (Clerk to Puisne Judge)
5. Mildred Ueanteang Nakangeri (Clerk to Commissioner)
6. Ruuta Boutu (Registry Clerk)
7. Kaata Kaitintaake (Registry Clerk)

Interpretation Unit;

1. Mikaere Neneia (most Senior Interpreter)

2. Irata Tebau (Interpreter)
3. Tiana Tabuae (Interpreter)

Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone number 63030010 if you have queries related in particular to the High Court & Court of Appeal Division. The Registry opens at 9am and close at 5pm from Monday – Friday and closed every weekends, during Official Functions directed by the Chief Justice and Public Holidays.

Kam rabwa ao Tekeraoi.

Teetua Tewera
Deputy Chief Registrar/Head of Department-High Court & Court of Appeal Division)

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